You are the True Self, O Goddess

Adi Shakti Maa

Jai Maa! Greetings to everyone from Sri Mataji Shakta Tantra Kaula at Siddha Guru Ashram. ?

I invite you to join me this week on Thursday, June 4, 2020, for the first session of Tantra for Life. The program is a six-week intro training, and I’m sure you will be surprised and amazed by what you learn.

From today through Thursday, the temple is offering a special, 48-hour rate for the training. Visit this link to read more about the upcoming program and sign up to get access to the video meetings:


When we understand the original traditions of the Goddess in ancient India, we understand that all living beings carry Her divine power within them. This power is Spirit and Consciousness. Through our bodies, should we choose to apply Tantric methods to prepare and enlighten them, Her radiance manifests in the world. The path of Shakta Tantra, the life of Kaula, allows us to experience balance and harmony within a sacred field of practice that rewards us with the Presence and Grace of Divine Mother.

Tantra says: No rules. You are free. It sounds simple and it is; but, without knowledge of the Devi and the expansion of Her energy within you, which is Kundalini Shakti, you cannot step into your freedom.

Maa Chinnamasta Devi

The wisdom of Shakta Tantra, in its original, woman-led form, reveals ideals long forgotten. How long will you linger in this illusionary world, where women are not honored and men are not free? The distortions of the priesthoods and yogis have oppressed us all, and led us to oppress each other.

In reality, there are no others. Only one love, one awareness, shared via our individual embodiments that carry the potential for living divinity. When will you take the dare and meet the Goddess face-to-face, and enter into Her true reality as she comes to life in you?

This wisdom is not lost. It is only hidden. It was suppressed for centuries, and has been revived by women gurus in modern times. Shakta Tantra is the path to liberation, a state of awareness that reveals to us that everything is holy and there is only love.

Take the first step and join me as we explore the foundational philosophy and techniques of the Shakta Kaula Path with Tantra for Life.

Maa Tripura Sundari