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Join our live stream Dark Moon Siddha Homa

We will celebrate the fire of Kundalini Shakti, which burns away all that is not divine. Be prepared to experience the holy fire of Shiva and Shakti with this sacred Homa rite.

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Tantra for Life: The Shakta Path to Liberation

Program Outline

  • Session 1: The Original Shakta Kaula Tantra Tradition
  • Session 2: Woman as Guru and Initiator
  • Session 3: Devi Worship, Homa and Puja in Tantric Practice
  • Session 4: Preparatory Practices for Women
  • Session 5: Preparatory Practices for Men
  • Session 6: Das Mahavidyas: The Ten Forms of Devi

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Tantric Devi Practice Group

Tuesdays at 7:00 pm US Mountain Time – Wednesdays at 6:30 am India Time
Online video meetings

Gather together with a worldwide community of practitioners for our weekly Tantric Devi practice group. Mantras, meditation, pranayama, Kriya and Kundalini practices, plus a powerful Tantric Devi practice to experience the power and presence of the Divine Feminine. Realize your true nature and enter the bliss of pure awareness with this special Shakta Tantra practice.

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Awaken! Siddha Practice Group

Thursdays – 7 pm US Mountain time – Fridays 6:30 am India time

Experience the power and bliss of the Siddha path, including mantra, Kriya, pranayama and Kundalini. Join us every Thursday for Awaken!

Join Siddha yogini Jyoti Ma for this virtual gathering of yogic practitioners. Enjoy the powerful practices of the Siddha path, including mantras, mudras, Kriya, pranayama and Kundalini. Discover the bliss and peace that are your natural state. Join via Zoom video link. Register to get the link.

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12 Essentials of Life Mastery

Video Training Course and Workbook

12 Essentials of Life Mastery is a complete self-help course to take you from limited ego awareness into the liberated state of Integral Consciousness. It is a highly effective system for self-actualization and an extraordinary mastery of life. This amazing program has been used by hundreds of people to dramatically improve their lives. It is the foundational training for members of Enlightened Life Temple.

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