Prema Sagara

Prema’s life journey started with a life threatening congenital kidney issue culminating in a life-saving interventional surgery at age 6. Although western allopathic medicine saved his life at that time, it left many stones unturned. He continued to experience ill-effects resulting from the systemic imbalances caused by the congenital kidney issue well into his teenage years. Experiencing years of chronic depression, suicidual ideation, and a laundry list of physical health symptoms, Prema reached a total crisis in his late teens, which ultimately perpetuated an awakening.

Seeing the total lack of effective allopathic methods, he turned to natural medicine, especially herbalism. In his early twenties, after meeting acupuncturists, clinical herbalists, clinical nutritionists, doctors of oriental medicine, he began studying to become a clinical herbalist and nutritionist, inspired by his first mentors, Dr. Robert Marshall and Dr. Linda Forbes. This lead to his studies in naturopathy with Dr. James Overman and Dr. Eric Pierce. Starting his practice in early 2011, Prema saw a diverse client base with diverse issues, which led him to continue searching for effective clinical methods. He has incorporated elements of neuro-immunology learned from Dr. Datis Kharrazian, and in recent years he has been focusing on going deeper into the teachings Ayurveda and Siddha medicine. Prema is also passionate about working with spagyric medicines form the western alchemical traditions. He continues his private practice, regularly seeing clients for consultations both in person and remotely. For an introductory consultation, click here

Siddhas practicing homa and medicine

Although he began reading about and studying eastern spiritual traditions at the age of 16, it wasn’t until Prema’s early twenties that he began a disciplined sadhana in earnest. He started with various asana, pranayama and mantra, which eventually led to initiation in the kriya yoga system of Lahiri Mahasaya. Those practices naturally nurtured Prema’s growing interest and research into mahasiddha traditions, and he was initiated into a siddha lineage in the fall of 2012. After continuing his sadhana for a number of years, studying with different gurus and considering initiation into additional siddha paramparas, Prema was blessed to finally find Jyoti Ma and take initiation from her into the siddha tradition of Sri Hari Baba and Sri Tirumular, as well as the Shakta Tantra tradition of Sri Mataji Pragya and Gorakhnath.

Sri Hari Baba

As a young man, Prema found that the more he committed himself to living as a servant of spiritual Dharma in the West, the more that the entrepreneurial world became the only firm ground he could stand on. Bridging the worlds of business, sustainability, and consciousness form a major component of Prema’s work.

His experience in executive management includes roles as co-founder and board member for several different for-profit and non-profit companies, including Living Valley Alliance and Rasasiddha Foundation. His work at the non-profit Living Valley Alliance focused on grass-roots environmental campaigns working towards the banning of GMOs at county levels. With the Rasasiddha Foundation, Prema collaborated as co-founder in establishing it as a private operating foundation, promoting the teachings of Siddha alchemy, programs focused on community outreach, a publishing house, and permaculture/regenerative agriculture education.

Prema’s most successful venture was as founder of Effective Wellness Inc., which manufactured and retailed high quality herbal supplements with a focus on resolving infectious disease in humans and animals. Its subsidiary company, Effective Pet Wellness, gained significant brand recognition and clinical success in naturally treating difficult conditions, establishing footholds in the both the US and international markets.

Prema holds a position on the Board of Directors of Enlightened Life Temple, the parent organization for Enlightened Life Festival, LLC. In this capacity he provides advice, oversight and strategic planning for this international, non-profit, religious organization. He also currently serves on the Board of Directors for Skydog Jewelry LLC, a company which seeks to bring consciousness to the fashion industry through raising the ethical standards of sourcing, production, and business culture.

Prema is currently working on launching a new retail store for Enlightened Life which features health products from the various medicine traditions he passionately pursues.

His vision is to build a spagyric laboratory, to supply his private practice as well as for retail. This endeavor will be part of a sustainable permaculture herb farm which can supply some of the needed herbal materials.

Prema is also a lover of strength training, wildcrafting, bushcraft, and permaculture studies.