Awakening Integral Consciousness

Integral Consciousness draws on a source of awareness that lies beyond the 3-dimensional world. The really interesting thing is that your body is a 3-D vehicle, and this appearance leads to some illusion as to the true nature of yourself and your life. Relating with others sets up the idea that they are merely 3-D objects as well. The world of physicality is an experience of the 3-D world, wherein all objects under the sun cast a shadow.

Unlike the body, the mind is capable of being in the 3-D world and it can also be stimulated to go beyond it. The mind is not limited to the 3-D World. The mind does not cast an outer shadow, but it can cast inner shadows. You need to help the mind move from its routine, everyday functioning in order to start to experience the source awareness of Integral Consciousness.

Setting aside the 3-D aspects of the mind does not imply that these functions will cease; rather, you allow the mind to step away from all of its thinking, believing, analyzing, intellectualizing and rationalizing long enough for you to tap into the realm of Integral Consciousness. The logical nature of the intellect builds structures into the mind that make it very difficult to break free from the 3-D world.

Just think of all the of the billions of thoughts that you have, which coalesce into opinions and beliefs. Understand that these concepts create subtle walls and boxes inside of your mental energy field. Now, the brain runs on light – your neurons are actual conduits of light, and sparks of light are going off in your brain all the time. The boxes that are holding your beliefs, thoughts, opinions and ideas are ethereal objects that cast shadows under the light.

These mental boxes are blocking you from breaking through to the higher mind, which is the place where you can start to respond to everything in a more holistic way. When you are not creating boxes and compartmentalizing everything according to your preconceptions and beliefs, you start to experience the unified field of awareness that lies beyond the mind.

When you are able to open your integral consciousness into every aspect of yourself and your life, you enter into a state of complete, unbroken awareness. You are not losing awareness by getting distracted with mental chatter and ideas. You are always aware, no matter what is happening.

When you get into the state of integral consciousness, you are not likely to violate your own values, which can happen when you are caught up in the activities of the 3-D mind. In integral awareness, every act you undertake will be in alignment with your true, core values. You are immersed in a holistic flow of pure light energy.

This pure, unconditioned energy always wants to work for your highest good. It is only your lower mind, with its habitual patterns, ideas and beliefs that can keep you from acting on your core values. Operating from the 3-D mind, you might not even be fully aware of what your core values are.

Opinions and beliefs block integral awareness and limit the reception of greater truths.

Integral Consciousness shows you how you can live more harmoniously in the world, in every circumstance, with every situation and with every person. That’s a big statement, because there’s typically so much disharmony and imbalance involved whenever you encounter difficult situations and people. You can easily develop attitudes that lead to more mental traps and disempowering dynamics.

For example, whenever you encounter a negative person, you may decide, I’m just not going to deal with him. That might be a healthy, short-term solution, but in the long run it doesn’t really give you a true state of mastery. It keeps you in the position of having to walk away from something when you might actually be able to favorably influence the circumstance from a more empowered and harmonious position.

Integral Consciousness brings greater acceptance, wisdom, and love. It moves you to live life more fully aware of the light by mastering the shadow. Not by ignoring or suppressing the shadows, not by intellectual misunderstandings, but by consciously taking on the shadow play and turning it to the good. 

How can you learn the way to Integral Consciousness? The 12 Essentials of Life Mastery video training program was designed for this exact purpose. Step-by-step, you will discover you innate powers, dismantle outworn patterns, release limiting beliefs and embrace your true identity. You will explore your inner dimensions and outer world using the unique tools and powerful techniques of Integral Consciousness. You will step into the Genius that you really are, and become a master of your life.


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