12 Essentials of Life Mastery

In-depth video training course and workbook

Explore the path of Integral Consciousness. Learn a holistic system for rapid self-awakening and revolutionary change. Get access to hundreds of tools, techniques and practices. Change your consciousness. Change your life.

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Welcome to the foundational path of practice for our temple members. 12 Essentials of Life Mastery is a complete self-help course to take you from ego to Integral Consciousness. It is a highly effective system for self-actualization and an extraordinary mastery of life. This transformational program has been used by hundreds of people to dramatically improve their lives.

As you explore each Essential, you enter deeply into a process of self-examination using the unique tools and techniques of Integral Consciousness.  In every video training, you will receive massive downloads that will instantly transform your consciousness.

Each Essential is life changing, and presents you with hands-on methods to go deep within and awaken your authentic self. This comprehensive system for holistic personal development will give you fresh perspectives on yourself, and support you to step into empowered living. You will learn how to:

  • Integrate your higher awareness into every encounter
  • Master relationships
  • Let go of old patterns and behaviors
  • Go deeply into self-analysis and increase self-awareness
  • Get in touch with your Inner Genius
  • Transform fear into power
  • Act from your core values
  • Master the power of Now
  • Bring forth the state of integral awareness
  • Gain deeper meaning of life events
  • Build a conscious community
  • Use powerful methods for self-healing
  • Discover your true purpose in life
  • Adopt a healthy, holistic lifestyle
  • Live in faith, certainty and trust

Testimonials from our Students:

This is a powerful way to get to know and transform yourself and your life in a deep and profound way. These are powerful tools and techniques. I experienced a sense of coming home. This just feels so right and true. The teachings resonate on a deep level. Jyoti Ma is a wise teacher, no fluff, straight forward. Everything that is said is meaningful and deliberate. The presentations are chock full of wisdom and golden nuggets. I am so much more present, calm and productive in life when I am applying the techniques and using the tools regularly. D.B.

There is no way to tell you the extraordinary magic that will happen for you in the 12 Essentials process. This course will meet you where you are. Wherever you are in life, you will expand. You will know your true self and awaken to life in new and profound ways. You will gain purpose, clarity, strength and so much more. The 12 essentials will open your mind and heart and deepen your connection to all of life. Your understanding of things will grow and you will know great personal power, peace and presence. You will find an unshakable faith within yourself. So so many things I cannot put into words. You will not be the same person when you are through. T.E.

I was looking for a structured program of mindset remapping. My goal was to develop an awareness of the false limitations I was creating in my life and discover how to unblock myself from attaining my highest potential. The best part of this course was seeing how effective it really is in shifting my mind-state and self-perception. The most challenging aspect was just how hard working through the tools really is. It’s difficult to face one’s false perceptions. You have to be ready to make the commitment to using the self-mastery tools. Using these methods, I was able to see myself from outside of my own perspective,  through the perspective of my higher self, while freed from the ego perception. Overcoming fear has been an exceptional experience. I had no idea fear could be converted into power so effectively! Once I started the 12 Essentials training, I immediately cancelled all the other classes I was enrolled in at the time. I wanted to focus only on this program because it had everything that I had been looking for and more than I realized could be offered. B.F.

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Life Mastery unfolds with these 12 essential things…

Essential 1: The Power of Surrender

Essential 2: Finding the Inner Genius

Essential 3: Tools for Self-Analysis

Essential 4: Explore & Restore Your Power

Essential 5: Devotion to Higher Ideals

Essential 6: Methods for Self-Healing

Essential 7: Seek Deeper Meaning

Essential 8: Master Your Powers of Consciousness

Essential 9: Discover Your True Purpose in Life

Essential 10: Build Healthy Relationships and Create Conscious Community

Essential 11: Maintain a Conscious Lifestyle

Essential 12: Live in Faith, Certainty and Trust

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