In the Temple of Enlightened Life, you will find diverse and rewarding spiritual paths that all have one goal – the attainment of inner peace and outer harmony with others and the world.

Enlightened Life Temple was founded by Mataji Jyoti Ma and Prince Hirindra Singh in 1997. When they met, Mataji had been immersed in the Rosicrucian Tradition of mysticism for a number of years. Hirindra was an accomplished yogi in the Siddha tradition of the immortal Himalayan masters. Together they began to unify the most powerful enlightenment methods of the East and the West. Enlightened Life Temple serves as a legacy to and repository for this syncretic wisdom.

One outcome of their union was the creation of Heart of the Rose, an esoteric order in the Rosicrucian Tradition. The studies and practices include the five core elements of the Rosicrucian Tradition: Ritual, Magic, Alchemy, Theurgy and The Christ. Heart of the Rose withdrew its activities from public view in 2018 in accordance with the Rosicrucian imperatives that all orders will remain invisible in cycles of 120 years. Nevertheless, Heart of the Rose continues to accept members on an invitation-only basis.

Prince Hirindra Singh left his earthly body in 2017. With Mataji being his only initiate, the temple carries on his yogic traditions. His unique wisdom forms a part of every training program. The temple archives include his recorded lectures, photographs, and writings.

In time, Mataji began to travel to India to seek additional training and get immersed in the consciousness-expanding traditions of yoga. She experienced a profound transformation and received transmissions from realized masters, sages and yogic practitioners. She became recognized as a teacher by her mentors and began to share these powerful practices with others.

Mataji’s training and expertise includes the yogic traditions of Siddha, Kundalini, Kriya, Tantra and Sahaja. She has experience in the Advaita Vendanta tradition of non-dual awareness, exemplified by the life and teachings of the great saint Ramana Maharshi. She has been immersed in the spiritual tradition of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka, known as the Siddha path, the ancient, root source of the enlightenment traditions of India. Under the guidance of Siddha master Sri Hari Baba, she received initiation in the tradition of Tirumular Siddha Yoga, named for the great saint Tirumular, author of the scriptures of the Tirumandiram. She received the Siddha name Jyoti Ma and continues to facilitate the powerful practices of this ancient path.

Mataji spent time in a Shakta Tantra Kaula, led by a woman adept from Bengal. Shakta Tantra is a path of immersion, requiring a devoted lifestyle and withdrawal from the outer world during a period of training and mastery. Mataji Jyoti Ma is fully committed to the restoration of the original path of tantra, where women are gurus and initiators.

All of these compelling systems take us from human to Divine, awakening greater awareness, wisdom and love. The rich field of practice of these ancient traditions are alive and thriving at Enlightened Life Temple. We invite you to join us in the journey of self-actualization by becoming a member today.

In response to worldwide efforts by commercial agricultural corporations to secure the passage of laws prohibiting citizens from growing and sharing their own food, Enlightened Life Temple established the Sacred Garden Community(click to download free booklet). The Community is for anyone who grows chemical-free, unmodified, natural foods in their garden, kitchen or farm.

Being a part of the Sacred Garden Community affirms your awareness that the natural foods of the earth are spiritual gifts for personal and planetary well being. Sacred gardeners, farmers, growers, families and communities are protected by religious freedom laws and exempt from compliance with onerous laws favoring corporate, chemical and genetically modified food production.

Feeding the Saints of Tamil Nadu Charity Fund Raiser: In 2018, Enlightened Life Temple began organizing the first-ever Kumbh Mela pilgrimage to be held outside of India. The saints and sadhus will travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico for this historic event and gather with tribal shamans to initiate enlightened life on earth. The pilgrimage was scheduled for the fall of 2020; however, due to the worldwide pandemic, their plans on currently on hold. In the meantime, these wandering mystics have lost the support of the temples, which are closed until 2021. We have launched a fund raiser to feed the saints of Tamil Nadu. Please support our efforts and visit our fundraising page – Feeding the Saints of Tamil Nadu.

Helping Others In Need:

The Charitable Work of Enlightened Life Sanctuary

India Tour for Women and Children: Benefiting charities in north and south India that serve women and children in need.

Enlightened Life Temple Permaculture Community: The future requires that we establish enlightened life on earth. Help us build our permaculture community and universal temple in service to all.

Kumbh Mela of America: The Enlightened Life Pilgrimage Festival is the first-ever pilgrimage of the saints of India to the west.

Charity Campaigns for Spiritual Practitioners in Need: Enlightened Life Sanctuary hosts charity fundraisers for practitioners of the eastern and western paths of enlightenment who are homeless, hungry or in need of help. As a universal church of consciousness, we consider applications for assistance on an as-needed basis and give grants to those who meet our criteria. To apply for assistance, contact us here.