What is the path we explore at Enlightened Life Temple?

The first step is to learn and practice the path of Integral Consciousness. You will do this through our landmark program, the 12 Essentials of Life Mastery. It’s an exciting journey of self-discovery and personal awakening. Let’s get started…

What is Integral Consciousness?

You are a multifaceted being, a hologram of life itself. Within you lies the entire universe. Self-exploration into this limitless reality activates your genius potential, awakens a new, expansive identity and unites your awareness with all of life. When you understand and heal limitations, expand your awareness and sustain an inter-connected state of mind, body, spirit your real capabilities will activate. This is the ultimate purpose of the path of Integral Consciousness.

Integral consciousness has been called the theory of everything. It encompasses the living totality of matter, body, mind, soul and spirit. Integral theory points to the interrelated networks within the human being, in all living things, the world and the universe. The journey into integral awareness gives you a road map into an expansive psychology that sets you on a course for radical transformation. The root premise is this: you are not at all who you think you are. When you practice the methods of integral consciousness, you are enabled to see into yourself in a new and holistic way. You start to realize the way you have held yourself back and you get excited because that realization means you also have the power to set yourself free.

Integral consciousness moves you into a source of awareness that lies beyond the 3-dimensional mind. As you get connected to this higher perspective, you get empowered to respond to yourself and your life with mastery and ease. You learn the value of seeing yourself in a loving and supportive way every day. Ultimately, you discover your untapped potentials and begin to bring them forth to serve your highest good. Interactions with others flow easily when you are fully present, centered in your authentic self and following your own inner authority. You will use compelling tools to consistently remain in this awareness every day, in every encounter.

This is a state of complete, unbroken awareness that moves you to act in accordance with your deepest values. It allows you to live harmoniously in the world. It opens you to more acceptance, wisdom and love.

The practice of integral consciousness gives you everything you need to explore, consider and enhance all of the important aspects of yourself and your world. The methods shift your awareness, takes you into your deepest core. You learn how to apply your inborn powers to heal, awaken and live more consciously. In this state, you become ready to move forward to a life of mastery, empowerment and joy.

How to take the next step

The 12 Essentials of Life Mastery is a complete system that awakens integral awareness, speeds personal growth and aligns you with your most authentic self. The program teaches you a wealth of techniques drawn from the ancient wisdom traditions, and gives you innovative tools for self-development, explorations into consciousness and revolutionary life change. This path of practice has a remarkable ability to dramatically shift consciousness easily, to increase your understanding, joy and love. You will experience integral consciousness beginning with the first set of principles and practices you will learn in the 12 Essentials of Life Mastery. Explore your inner potentials, rediscover your passion and purpose, and create a deeply fulfilling and meaningful life.

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