The Enlightened Life Path to Conscious Awakening

The name of our temple reveals the ultimate destination of everything we do. To live an enlightened life is critical to our mutual survival and the health of the planet. Rather than the pursuit of a solely personal state of enlightenment, this holy journey leads us to live in an awareness of our oneness with the world and to preserve and sustain the earth. If we are truly liberated, beyond the limits of the 3-dimensional mind, we will experience this unified, integral consciousness and be reborn.

In this realization, there is no possibility of harm to the natural world through our individual and group experience. We become co-creators with each other and live in harmony with nature. Through this living awareness, we may realize and manifest a Utopian field of consciousness that serves the well being of all sentient creatures and the earth.

True enlightenment leads to enlightened life on earth!

How we live reflects our state of awareness and ability to align with our true values. Our state of awareness derives from the condition, and the conditioning, of mind, emotions and body. Conditioned consciousness is unconsciousness. Limited beliefs block out the light of pure awareness. Attachment and agendas drive volatile emotions. Lack of awareness creates unhealthy food and lifestyle habits, leading to disease and disengagement from the natural world. We feel spiritual impulses urging us to break free from these limits and seek reunion with the soul and its transcendental, enduring values of unity, love and awareness.

The path at Enlightened Life Temple is one that facilitates deep self-awareness and self-transformation. You must discover who you are not, in order to become who you are. A core element of the journey is finding your true identity, which is your own Inner Genius. This is a very empowering concept! You are a divine being, capable of wielding great power and attaining more wisdom to guide and command your life for your highest good.

In fact, you are already using your divine powers every day. Whatever is around you, whomever you interact with – all have been drawn by you, whether you are aware of this magnetic power or not. When you find out the truth about your real being, your awareness expands and the limited ideas of mind and conditioning begin to fall away.

The process of awakening in enlightened awareness is known as the Great Work in our western mystical lineages. Great means, tremendous, colossal, immense and prolonged. This radical transformation takes time and requires the use of specialized tools and practices. Practicing these methods, and devotion to deeper self-awareness is the Work.

The Enlightened Life path begins with an amazing program of training where you will learn these powerful techniques for self-awakening, self-healing and radical life change. There is nothing like the 12 Essentials of Life Mastery. It is a complete system for self-realization that instructs you in the techniques and practices of Integral Consciousness.

Integral Consciousness is the source awareness that lies beyond the 3-dimensional mind. It opens you to greater understanding, compassion and personal power. Using these methods, you will enjoy a compelling process of deep self-exploration. You will experience yourself and your life in new and empowering ways. You will feel the serene presence that is your own true Genius. With a deeper sense of fulfillment, and clear alignment to your values and ideals, you will not be the same person you were before the journey began. You will be delighted and amazed at the transformation.

As you move through this compelling program, we welcome you to reach out for Integral Consciousness mentoring as needed. As a temple community, we support you to be an independent, self-directed and successful practitioner. A mentor is a companion who has completed the training, who can help guide the journey into your most authentic self.

When you complete your foundational training, you have the chance to continue your conscious evolution by training to become a mentor for other temple members on the 12 Essentials path. You may also be interested in training to become an Integral Consciousness Coach, qualified to open your own practice and coach others in the path of self-actualization.

With your new passion and devotion to the Great Work of self-actualization, the wisdom path can begin to focus on the ancient traditions held within our temple. Through practice groups, satsangs and training programs, you will learn the Field of Practice that is the Siddha Tradition, home pujas for health, wealth and love, and special sadhanas for chakra strengthening and nourishing Kundalini. You are always welcome at temple gatherings whether by online video meetings or in person. We are building a community of sacred practitioners, supporting enlightened life on earth!

Siddha Homa heals the practitioners and the earth

As you move through your Enlightened Life journey, you will become more aware of your mind-body connection. The body is sacred in our temple, and we offer effective, natural strategies and medicines to support healing and radical regeneration. You can explore powerful ancient traditions that restore vitality, enhance wellness and reveal the secrets of longevity and immortal life.

If you are ready for a life of liberation, you can dive deep into the lifestyle, philosophy and powerful practices of Shakta Kaula Tantra. Siddha Guru Ashram offers ongoing training and immersion experiences through Tantra for Life. You will learn the woman-led tradition of Tantra, Devi worship, theurgical embodiment, core practices for men and women, and the many uses Tantric rituals, including Homa and Puja.

For ongoing temple members who progress in self-transformation and their Siddha and Tantra studies and practices, and are interested in Sannyas (vows), you may be invited to join Sri Mataji Shakta Kaula. Kaula members live as a spiritual family at Siddha Guru Ashram, or connect virtually and attend regular retreats. Kaula is a conscious community, that sustains and supports its members to attain Victory in the path of Shakta Tantra.

Our women Kaula members may access special training programs to receive certification as a Shakta Tantra Teacher. Certified Teachers facilitate practice groups, training others to master the core elements of Shakta Tantra Sadhana . As a part of the Kaula, you will get the blessings of Diksha energy transmissions, participate in sacred rites and have the opportunity to receive initiation into the Shaivite tradition of Sri Tirumular Siddha and the woman-led Shakta Tantra path of Sri Mataji. 

Das Mahavidyas Puja at Sri Mataji Shakta Kaula – Siddha Guru Ashram

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