12 Essentials of Life Mastery Training Webinar

Tuesday: August 7, 2018 – 5 pm MDT

Topic: Essential 7: Seek Deeper Meaning

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Are you ready to change yourSELF AND YOUR life forever?

Do you feel deeply in touch with the things you really want in your life? Do you find yourself enjoying your personal power and able to stay focused on your highest intentions? Are you aware of and free from self-imposed limitations? Are you receiving fulfillment and meaning in your work, relationships and life? Or are these ideals just a dream that continually disappoint you?

A lack of deep fulfillment, meaningful life, healthy love and personal power indicates imbalances are present in the mind, heart and body. Connection to your core values and authenticity has been disrupted. With limited self-awareness, options are limited too, leaving you faced with stress, insecurity, self-questioning and discord. Feeling confused and agitated, you may feel forced to accept less than you really deserve.

What does it take to reach your dreams?

It takes the right combination of tools, techniques and support to identify and heal imbalances, explore your potentials and begin living in a whole new way. When you use the right methods, you feel more connected, capable and confident. You begin to get in touch with a power that will never fail to sustain you, no matter what life may bring.

You need the right information, expert training, effective tools and techniques to empower positive states of awareness, consistent encouragement and insightful support to identify your purpose, create reachable goals and launch an effective strategy to transform yourself and lead a masterful and successful life. It takes time, attention, commitment and investment in yourself to shift from limitation into endless possibilities. Being a part of a like-minded group, focused on personal development is a valuable resource to have along the way. The 12 Essentials program provides everything you need to succeed and thrive.

A powerful system for self- and life-transformation

The 12 Essentials of Life Mastery are proven methods for lasting, sustainable change. These are the essential components of every known system for unleashing human potentials and expanding consciousness. These 12 compelling principles show you how to heal and restore your mind, body and emotions, and give you tools to create  a more meaningful and fulfilling life. The Essentials are designed to help you achieve optimum command of your life by getting in touch with your true nature and purpose. You will learn:

  • How changing your consciousness brings immediate changes into your life
  • Effective techniques to change your consciousness
  • How to increase healthy neurotransmitters in the brain
  • How to enter a state of optimal focus, clarity and performance every day
  • Building healthy relationships
  • How to maintain a healthy diet and conscious lifestyle
  • Tools for self-analysis and healing
  • How to activate your higher potentials
  • The path from fear to power
  • Creating conscious community
  • The art and science of integral consciousness
  • How to awaken your core values
  • And much more…

Change your consciousness. Change your life.

Information webinar Tuesday: August 7 2018 – 5 pm MDT

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Who can benefit from the 12 Essentials?

Everyone can gain a new level of self awareness, confidence and self-mastery through applying these 12 essential principles in their lives. The program is a comprehensive, life-changing experience and can benefit anyone who is faced with these common challenges:

  • Something urgent, compelling or exciting is at stake
  • There is a challenge or stretch to reach a goal or seize an opportunity
  • A gap exists in knowledge, skills, confidence or resources
  • A desire to accelerate results
  • A lack of certainty with choices to be made
  • Success has started to become problematic
  • Work, health, relationships and life are out of balance, creating unwanted consequences
  • Core values and strengths need to be identified, along with how to best align with them and leverage them to create change
  • Unhealthy habits need to be overcome and new behaviors adopted
  • Self confidence, motivation and clarity are lacking

How does the program work?

The 12 Essentials is a one year mentoring and coaching program. Each month you will focus on one of the 12 Essentials, attend group and individual coaching sessions to master the principles, learn techniques, define and refine your personal goals and initiate new strategies for life mastery.

You will receive invitations to attend bonus seminars and workshops throughout the year, including practice groups. With unlimited email and laser telephone coaching sessions in between meetings, you can communicate with your coach anytime you have a compelling need for support.

All program elements are presented in online, virtual video meetings, allowing you to meet face-to-face with your coach, mentors and other group members. You can get all of the benefits of your program, no matter where you are. Training seminars are recorded and videos are available on a private web page for group members.

As an additional option, you are invited to attend 12 Essentials retreats during the program year. The retreats give you the chance to work intensely with your mentors and coaches, get immersed in practices and new states of consciousness, and celebrate your accomplishments with the group.

As an alternative to this full immersion program, you can join the 12 Essentials Community and attend monthly meetings and webinar presentations to support your journey to greater self-awareness and empowered life.

The process of self-transformation is a gift. Receive it.

Information webinar Tuesday: August 7, 2018 – 5 pm MDT

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What will you experience during the 12 Essentials program?

Essentials 1 through 4 awaken you to a higher vision of yourself. You identify your most important values and begin to find their source. You discover your higher potentials and gain a different perspective on life. You learn essentials tools to increase and transform your self-awareness. You enjoy new and exciting states of awareness. You explore the nature of personal power and begin to learn how to balance love and will.

Essentials 5 through 8 teach you how to establish a more conscious and meaningful life. You learn and practice new communication skills that support higher consciousness, and bring new awareness into every conversation. You practice effective methods to let go of anger, grief, self-doubt and regret. You gain new understanding of the mind-body connection and discover how to use it to transform your life. During this 4-month period, you will have a profound consciousness-changing experience, and begin to master your potentials to bring the positive results you desire.

Essentials 9 through 12 help you integrate all you have learned and achieved into a meaningful, purpose-driven life. You awaken to your unique calling and share your progress. You learn to build a conscious community of like-minded people. You discover higher ideals and express them in service to others and the world. You enjoy a conscious, self-disciplined, joyful  life. You confidently master challenges by tuning into your inner connection to your deepest values. Your life is filled with faith, certainty and contentment, knowing that everything is always unfolding in the most perfect way.

12 Essentials of Life Mastery: A year that will change your life forever

Are you ready to heal, grow, prosper and thrive?

Information webinar Tuesday: August 7, 2018 – 5 pm MDT

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  • Discover and activate your higher potentials.
  • Gain essential spiritual, consciousness-shifting experiences
  • Receive intensive support from your coach and mentors
  • Learn and master potent techniques for change
  • Transform your thoughts, emotions and awareness wherever and whenever you desire
  • Heal your body, mind, emotions and relationships

What is it like to work with a 12 Essentials coach?

12 Essentials Life Mastery Coaching provides unique and effective tools to help you connect more deeply with your core values. You and your coach will engage in exploring your ideal life. Together with your coach, you will define your personal needs, interests and desires. Your coach will help you create a new vision of yourself and provide methods to help you actualize your ideals. In coaching sessions, you will work to create strategies that will give you the mastery, ease and peace of mind you need to success. In group coaching sessions, you will learn and explore time-honored concepts about the true potentials of the human being.

In training sessions, your coach and our expert mentors will help you master techniques to shift awareness, let go of the past and create a bright future. With the support of your coach, you will gain confidence in your ability to conquer challenges and overcome obstacles. You coach will help you explore the 12 Essentials, find your personal meaning in them, and integrate them to change your life. You will learn to use the tools of coaching to improve yourself and your life – and to help your loved ones, friends and fellow travelers on the path of self-actualization.

Be a part of this profound experience that will change your consciousness – and your life – in revolutionary and lasting ways. Join our free webinar to learn more about the 12 Essentials and how this breakthrough coaching system can change your life forever.

Information webinar Tuesday: August 3, 2018 – 5 pm MDT

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