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The 12 Essentials of Life Mastery are helping people achieve deeply meaningful self-transformation and lasting, positive life change. Join our community and activate your hidden potentials with this powerful path of self-knowledge, empowerment and conscious change.

Learn and explore dynamic methods, techniques and practices that stimulate higher awareness and accelerate personal growth. You will receive specialized integral consciousness tools that will help you to initiate and sustain your journey to self-actualization and holistic life transformation.

The 12 Essentials of Life Mastery

The Power of Surrender

Finding Your Inner Genius

Tools for Self-Analysis

Explore and Restore Your Personal Power

Devotion to Higher Ideals

Methods for Self-Healing

Seek Deeper Meaning

Master Your Powers of Consciousness

Discover Your True Purpose

Build Healthy Relationships and Create Conscious Community

Maintain a Conscious Lifestyle

Live in Faith, Certainty and Trust