Our Mission

In the Temple of Enlightened Life, you will find diverse and rewarding spiritual paths that all have one goal – the attainment of inner peace and outer harmony with others and the world.

Enlightened Life Festival

Enlightened Life invites you to be a part of a living village of enlightened life on earth at the first Annual Enlightened Life Festival. Plan your pilgrimage to first-ever Khumbh Mela gathering to be held outside of India.

Enlightened Living Store

Get books, video programs, mentoring and more. Sales benefit our community projects and create sustainable and enlightened life on earth.  

Welcome to the Temple of Enlightened Life! We invite you to join us in creating enlightened life on earth!

Enlightened Life is an international temple of consciousness. Founded in 1997 by western mystic, Chavah Aima and eastern yogi, Prince Hirindra Singh, the temple shares the most empowering philosophies and methods on the path of self-actualization. The temple is a rich resource for effective techniques and practices that nourish your journey with healing, higher awareness, enduring peace and life-sustaining wisdom. We invite to connect, explore and enjoy our website…

Coming in 2019 – Enlightened Life Festival!


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